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About 2900 photographs are in a shared Shutterfly Site from all photographers.  Please email me with the album and photoid if you wish digital images.


Photo credits:

Lance Beden

Vicki Benz

Larry Gindoff

Kathy Hourihan

Benita Shor


Click for Shutterfly Shared Site.




Readying for the start Kathy Hourihan Click here



Start: Barb VonHalle Click here

Start: Kathy Hourihan Click here

1st water stop (finisher 36 through end): Kathy Hourihan Click here


Jeanne Harootunian & Oreo & Henry

photo Vicki Benz

Photographer Lance Beden with Susan Duncan & FlipFlop photo Larry Gindoff

Norm Hirsh & Remy
photo Vicki Benz

Awards and Scoring sheetsphoto Larry Gindoff


Kristen Graham & Benji (left) with supporters

photo Larry Gindoff

Wendy Kerr & Cooper

photo Larry Gindoff

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