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Paws from the Past Run for Retired Running Dogs

Deanna Cuchiaro & Mario, Jeanne Harootunian & Oreo, Karen Fox & Rosie

Debbie Kelly  & Nicky, Chris Kelly  & Brody, Avery/Laura Winters & Ollie

Photo Lance Beden

To See Sample Race Application

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The Tucker and Elsie Spirit Award is given annually by Karen Fox to the MF showing the true spirit of the event.

Judge Greg Mandak with Karen (& Marley 

and award winners Diane Redling(Blue) and Ken Alutin (Aztec)

photo Benita Shor



* One dog per person. Exceptions may be considered on an individual basis.
* Dogs must be on leashes at all times (no longer than 6'). No flexi leashes.

* No Baby Joggers.
* The race director reserves the right to change the race to a fun run if the temperature is excessively warm.

* All dogs must be current on standard vaccinations and be licensed.  You must be able to produce proof of these on race day upon request.
* Poop bags will be provided. You are responsible for picking up after your dog if he decides to go in the staging area or the course. We recommend you exercise your dog before the run to avoid dealing with this during the race.
* Puppies must be at least 6 months old to participate. We will not allow female dogs in any stage of heat to attend.
* The race director and race veterinarian reserve the right to refuse entry or remove a dog from the course if it might prove hazardous to others or whose physical condition appears to be in jeopardy before or during the event.
* To enter the Paws from the Past, the dog has to have participated in a previous Hounds and Harriers Run and can no longer complete 3 miles.  Entry fee is optional for Paws from the Past but required for a race t-shirt.  The course is the finishing stretch.




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