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My Dogs

All cared for by Dr. Brody and Dr. Heacock,

Murray Hill Veterinary Associates,

New Providence, NJ.



My first dog and running partner. 

The inspiration for the Hounds and Harriers Run™
Adoption date October 11, 1992.  Died Feb 16, 2009,

4 months shy of her 17th birthday.

Sunchi at 1 1/2 with her CGC ribbon

Sunchi (13) enjoying agility at dog camp
photo Steve Surfman

In memory of Oreo.  Adoption date January 29, 1994.  Died March 25, 2006. 
Our awesome agility dog.

Oreo in her prime competing at a NADAC trial.

Oreo at 1 1/2 with her CGC ribbon.


  Our blue eyed girl, adopted April 1, 2006 at one year old.  Died Dec 18, 2020

Daisy retired from competition agility with 8 Championships


Daisy was the poster dog for the 2008 Canine Cotillion

Daisy at a NADAC agility trial
photo Steve Surfman
Click for Video of Daisy doing weave poles

Daisy dock diving at Camp
photo Steve Surfman



Born Dec 28, 2007 Adopted at 4 mo, Died Mar 28, 2022
"Ryan" is named after Ryan Hall,
US '98 Olympic Marathon Trials Winner & 2:04:58 marathoner

Ryan retired from competition agility with 11 Championships

Ryan posing
photo Larry Gindoff

Ryan at practice photo Larry Gindoff
Click for Ryan doing Weave Poles


Ryan in pursuit of a Frisbee at Camp
photo Steve Surfman


Our new dog Penny. 

Adopted April 23, 2022 at 3-4 yrs old. 

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